New Hope Enterprises

Scheduling for the Future

Atlanta native Briggette left work to be a fulltime caregiver for her sick brother and stepfather. Getting back in the job market was a dead end and a frustration until Briggette saw the Grady pilot partnership program with the Belt-Line advertised on the internet. She applied and was accepted for training at New Hope.

Through New Hope’s STRIVE training Briggette learned successful resume writing, strong interview techniques, time and money management and the importance of friendships and contacts. Most of all, she experienced an environment where people really cared that she succeed, and provided the resources needed to ensure that outcome. Briggette successfully completed the Microsoft Office Operations training and was finally job-ready!

Briggette lives only 10 minutes from Grady Hospital, where she is a now a Scheduling Representative. On her first week of working without supervision she had to contact 911 to help a patient who lost consciousness in the middle of a registration phone call: the patient was rushed to hospital. Taking the advice of a doctor, Briggette tries to treat patients “as if they are my momma.” She loves the variety in her job and the opportunity to greet and help as many as eighty people a day.