New Hope Enterprises

Why I Support NHE

Several years ago a friend inspired me to get involved with New Hope Enterprises (NHE). I have since become deeply committed to finding support for people who want to have meaningful work, but lack the resources to gain the skills needed in the marketplace. I have been blessed with the education I needed, and a strong work ethic inherited from my father has kept me in the workforce. Many people need a hand to help them, especially those who have gone through hardship and have lost hope. I watched my dad cover the needs we had, working as a teacher during the school year and any job he could find to supplement his income working weekends and over the summers to make ends meet. He always said that determination, attitude and having the right skills not only can get you a job but allow you to keep it.

NHE excels with its STRIVE model of intensive soft-skills training. This proven and nationally recognized program prepares every student for the workplace. Students then attend hard skills training in our Certified Nursing Assistant or Microsoft Office Operations programs. We also refer STRIVE graduates to construction or culinary arts programs for training and job placement.

Employers continually report the benefit of our well-trained graduates. It is extremely satisfying to see the transformation of over 600 men and women graduates into the workplace and know that my personal contributions helped make that possible. I invite you to join me in sponsoring our students to help them fulfill their destinies and become self-sufficient.

At six years young, NHE has already attracted large foundation attention, and it benefits from The Arthur M. Blank Foundation’s generous donation of space. With large goals ahead in expanding and amending our program to respond to market needs, we need to raise the funds to train over 150 students this year. Every dollar counts and whatever you can support will be put to efficient use in training our students.

To attend a graduation ceremony and be inspired by how our dedicated trainers inspire motivated men and women to achieve their goals, please contact the Development Office at