New Hope Enterprises

Students Graduate from STRIVE 4-week softskills training “boot camp” on February 5

Whether it’s preschool, high school, graduate school or a four-week job skills training, the elements and emotions of graduation are the same. Using any gear to attach the caps securely, the allsmiles procession, the movement of getting the right seat, the poignant comments of teachers trying not to smile too broadly at their favorites, and a child calling out to his relative are a few of the parts in common. At NHE, the groups of 15 to 25 matriculating up to seven times yearly also add a personalized piece to show off transformation: each student must speak confidently and personally of his or her journey. Many thank God and their instructors, and they generously share their internal growth to shed the past, take responsibility and speak positively as necessary for becoming a great worker and team player.

These adults will now complete a digital literacy class before advancing to Office Operations, CNA or Culinary training as they prepare resumes and begin interviewing.

The sense of accomplishment reminds guests of their own rite of passage ceremonies, and we were blessed to have many supporters in attendance with hearts full, including the Department of Labor (contributing a gift for each) and Patrick Dailey and Judy Kimber.

Patrick said, “Judy and I were honored to be invited to the graduation ceremony at New Hope Enterprises. It was moving to hear the testimony and to see the renewed confidence on the graduates’ faces. Lives are changing at NHE and not just because graduates have gained skills that prepare them for the workplace, but because they feel empowered with self-confidence, direction and purpose. We planned our philanthropy this year to include NHE because we see participants doing so much work to accomplish their dreams.”

No graduation is without a class prank, and all students entertained us with a well-rehearsed skit of their “before, during and after” experiences complete with a spoof of the trainers Tracy Coram and Walter Evans. After all, a good-natured roast is flattering to a great boss, right?