New Hope Enterprises


Ken hit rock bottom when he became unemployed, homeless and seriously meth addicted; he was sick and depressed. He somehow managed to get sober and went to the Traveler’s Aid Office in Atlanta, seeking help with subsidized housing. There Ken caught sight of a flyer about New Hope and felt motivated to follow through and see if the training offered could help him start a new life.

New Hope accepted Ken into STRIVE training. He describes the program as “tough” and “a real challenge,” but he pushed himself to set goals, be punctual, responsible and reliable. Above all, Ken discovered that the way forward was to reach deep within and do his utmost to be “the best ME that I could be.” STRIVE graduation marked a huge boost to Ken’s self-confidence.

Ken chose to continue at New Hope in the Microsoft Office Operations training program. This took him to a whole new skill level on all aspects of Microsoft Office, and he obtained several specialist certifications. After completing this hard-skills training, Ken served as an intern and then as an Office Operations trainer at New Hope.

Ken’s dream of becoming a flight attendant—buried for so long—re-emerged and, with New Hope’s full support, he pursued and secured a position with Delta Air Lines. He loves going to work every day and enjoys life. He is now financially secure and has a nice apartment. His bills are all paid, and the days are long gone when he relied on social services to survive. Ken says his life has improved “a hundred times over” since he walked through the doors of New Hope.